The Vegan Way

What's all the fuss about people becoming vegetarians and only eating vegan food etc? Firstly, in my opinion it has to do with living a healthy lifestyle. It has been said that eating meat may cause illnesses such as cancer, dementia and more. Animal welfare has also got a lot to do with vegans, cows are believed to have feelings similar to humans and they know when they're being led to be slaughtered for food, leather etc. Do you know cows cry? Please watch the video below and you will see but don't worry as this video does have a happy ending.

Is It Difficult To Become A Vegetarian And Only Eat Vegan Food?

If you're considering trying to eat vegetarian foods then the best way to go about it would be to gradually wean yourself of meats and dairy products. Yes, dairy products can also be a problem for cows too. I came across a web page recently saying cows are being artificially impregnated to keep them pregnant to produce milk. Vegetarians can get around not drinking cows milk by using soy milk.


Vegetarians And Religion

Buddhism is one of many religions that takes into consideration animal welfare when eating although not all Buddhists practice this diligently. Please watch the video below by Supreme Master Ching Hai as she talks about a vegetarian diet for better health and lifestyle. Supreme master Ching Hai has many videos on YouTube regarding a vegan diet and I urge you to search for her videos as she does some amazing lectures. You don't have to be Buddhist to watch her videos as the message is for all.


Animal Welfare And Grocery Shopping

Chickens too are kept in a terrible way also. I don't like to sound rude here but some chicken coops are very dirty because the chickens are kept in the same spot and chicken droppings pile up to disgusting levels. There are alternatives to eggs, just ask in your local supermarket. When looking at steaks in their lovely packages just stop for a minute and think where they come from. And yes, there are also alternatives to beef.